Research Analytics Webinar

Monday, 1 July 2019, 10:00-11:30
Webinar Recording

The aim of this webinar is to highlight recent results and discuss the progress of our R&D work in the area of research analytics.

The webinar will consist of four short presentations including demonstrations of recent work and will outline future plans for a potential research analytics service. This will be followed by a Q&A session which will offer an opportunity for questions and feedback on the planned service.

Read an overview of Jisc’s work in the area of research analytics on the Jisc scholarly communications blog.

Who should attend?
Research administrators, managers and leaders
Researchers interested in the research process and management
Research librarians
Research funders


, Chris Keene, Head of library and scholarly futures, Jisc
Overview of Jisc’s R&D work in the area of Research Analytics
Presentation slides

Analytics Labs, Adam Green, Senior data and visualisation officer, Jisc.
Jisc Analytics Labs is an approach to the development of decision-making tools underpinned by data. This presentation will briefly outline this approach and then focus on the results of the reproducibility lab which used data from articles on animal-based research to assess the degree to which factors affecting research reproducibility are reported
Presentation slides

Data availability study
, Mike Thelwall, Professor of Data Science, University of Wolverhampton
Primary data collected during a research study is increasingly shared and may be re-used for new research. The aim of this project was to assess the extent of data sharing of summary statistics of primary human genome-wide association studies (GWAS) as an example of data sharing in favourable circumstances in a particular discipline and whether such checks can be automated. This presentation will summarise the findings of the project and demonstrate a tool to extract information from data availability statements
Presentation slides

Prediction market
, Jackie Thompson, Research Associate, University of Bristol
The aim of this project was to develop and evaluate a prediction market tool that higher education institutions can use to rank outputs for potential REF submissions as part of their internal REF (Research Excellence Framework) planning. A prediction market is a bit like the stock market, except instead of investing in companies, participants invest in the outcomes of future events (in this case, ratings of research outputs). This presentation will give some background to the project and details of the prediction markets that have been tested with Units of Assessment at the University of Bristol. It will include a demo of the tool used and the lessons learned from the first round of markets.
Presentation slides

Research Analytics service,
Rob Johnson, Research Consulting
Jisc’s plans for a potential new research analytics service have started with a discovery phase to help define the problems around research analytics as the starting point to possible solutions. At the end of this phase there will be a brief defining the work required to produce a research analytics service. We have been working with a number of institutions and stakeholders to explore the problems faced by institutional leaders, managers, professionals and academic staff concerning the planning, management and evaluation of research, where better analytic insight would help address these problems. This presentation will highlight the progress made defining these problems, what we have learnt and plans for the next stage in the discovery process.
Presentation slides


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