About Open metrics lab

The Jisc open metrics lab is a discovery-phase project to support the development of new forms of research metrics. In modern research management the limitations of traditional citation-based metrics are well understood, and newer forms of social media metrics are useful but equally narrow in utility and value.

image "Pick a measure" by cogdogblog@flickr, used under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license. http://bit.ly/2iDrz2c

image “Pick a measure” by cogdogblog@flickr, used under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license. http://bit.ly/2iDrz2c

There is demand within the sector for more ‘responsible’ metrics as framed in the Metrics Tide report and promoted via the UUK forum for responsible metrics to inform policy and decision making in research.

The aim of the Jisc open metrics lab is to enable practical tests and experimentation with open metrics to support these goals.

In particular, the objectives are

  • To contribute to new forms of research indicators by facilitating experimentation with new and more open ways of creating them
  • To develop a ‘platform’ for supporting and hosting new metrics experiments providing where possible the data, processing and analysis tools
  • To foster a community of researchers, domain experts and policy makers in the area of open metrics
  • To gather evidence from the experiments and community discussions to help inform emerging national actions around open metrics

Current work related to the project includes:

  • Experiments – Practical tests and experiments proposing and/or trying out new open research indicators, producing prototypes or demonstrators
  • PhD research at the Open University : contributing to the development of new (more open) research indicators for research assessment
  • A briefing paper on the ‘complexities of citations’ by Cameron Neylon to support research funders and researchers in better understanding the assumptions and limits of existing citation-based metrics via a deeper understanding of citation (and associated scholarly practice), and to support the development of more reliable ways to assess the value of research for the purposes of evaluation, strategy and policy.

Contact information

We are interested in input and discussion with those interested in new and open metrics, you can contact us by following the links above.

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